So Near, Sofa

Is it just about time for a new sofa? Whether your sofa is worn, out of style, or you’re just ready for a change, here are a few things to consider so your newest furniture family member will fit right in and make you happy, too.


Style. Think about how you will use your sofa and where it will go. You want it to fit in with your décor, of course, and suit your style of living. If you need versatility and a lot of seating and have a nice big space, a sectional sofa might be your answer. If you don’t have a guest room, or just need more space to sleep guests, a sofa bed might be the way to go. Remember your aunt’s bumpy sleeper sofa? Thankfully, today’s sofa beds are much nicer than the clunky, lumpy sleepers of yesteryear. Newer sofa beds are easy to operate and very comfortable. A futon sofa that converts to a bed is another good option for those wanting more sleeping space.


If you prefer a traditional one-piece sofa, your options are almost limitless. They are available in tons of styles and finishes, from a streamlined contemporary look to curvy and overstuffed, from loveseat to eight feet long, with low or high backs, arms or no arms, to suit your space and needs.


If you’re looking for a sofa as an accent piece and it won’t be used much, comfort might not be an important factor. In this case, there are many beautiful new or antique sofas which can provide the perfect visual note to complete your space. Be sure to consider how the fabric will blend in with your existing furnishings and flooring. And speaking of fabric…


Fabric. Consider how much wear your sofa will experience. Do you have dogs? Toddlers? If your answer is “yes” to either question, you will want a fabric that can take plenty of jumping and scraping and still look great. Leather is the most durable of all, but can scratch and price-wise is on the high end. A cotton blend is usually less expensive, but might not be tough enough. Some of today’s microfiber fabrics are incredibly durable and attractive, and are definitely worth a look. Talking with your furniture professional about the durability you need will ensure you’re happy with the fabric and finish you choose.


Shop Smart. Look around at various furniture stores for a starting point, to see what’s available. Then, when you’re ready to start deciding, go to a store where the staff is professional and knowledgeable—where their first goal is to make sure the clients are satisfied. Many stores can get you the sofa you want, so choose one that will give you a good value and a good experience. If their first priority is you, you’ll be happy with your new sofa and with the experience of buying it!

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