Bellagio Furniture Store is all about doing it in a different way!


We have been ceaselessly working to perfect the art of furniture which defines ingenuity. Our furniture store in Houston is where your aesthetics are truly satiated since we provide you with style and craft conjugated with comfort and luxury.

The main idea behind our concept is to bring creative and beautiful pieces of furniture right at your doorstop at very reasonable prices; since we want everyone out there to be able to afford them not just a few. Our furniture is an interesting combination of quality, comfort, design and innovation. Also, we greatly focus upon the practicality as well as sustainability of these furniture pieces.




Our furniture store is a hub of new ideas-all designed keeping you and your comfort in mind. We have a passion to improve the quality of your life at home with our durable furniture pieces as well as comfortable mattresses. Not only are our furniture pieces hand-picked, having a premium quality, but our customer care team is also dedicated to make your shopping experience with us, an incredibly pleasant one. Our values-driven company will make sure that you build a relationship with us, not merely a transaction.

Bellagio Furniture Store offers you economical prices with really high standards.

  • We love to make things around you beautiful and sustainable.
  • We love to make a difference in your lives.
  • We love to keep you happy!

This is what our furniture is all about. It’s about functionality and design encased together in a price tag which doesn’t overburden your pocket.

Our optimized furniture is the foundation of our growth. Visit us at our furniture store and witness it all for yourself. We stand dedicated to the provision of long lasting comfort without any compromise.